Cloth Diaper Poop: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

Cloth Diaper Poop: A Comprehensive Survival Guide
The most common question a cloth diaper mom or dad gets asked is "What do you do with the poop?" If your baby hasn't started solids, you don't necessarily need to do anything! More on this in another blog (this counts for EBF and EFF babies that have the thinner, runnier poos).  You have multiple options for removing the poop from your diapers. Lets talk about them! Fun fact: you are supposed to remove the poop off of every diaper choice whether it's reusable diapers or disposable diapers. 

Cloth Diaper Liners

There are one-time use disposable liners, reusable liners you can diy, or you can purchase reusable diaper liners. Cloth diaper liners have no absorbency, but they make it easier to clean up poop or can be used with non-cloth diaper safe rash creams. This can make cloth diapers "easier" but liners are generally prone to bunching. You can also use diaper liners if you're going out of town and won't be able to use your normal poop disposal method. 


Cloth Diaper Sprayer 

This is my personal preferred method for cloth diaper poops! It works great for babies who don't have "ploppable" poos. You install a bidet-style attachment to your toilet which you will use to spray off any solids into the toilet bowl. You can also use a cloth diaper shield such as SprayPal shield. You clip the cloth diaper to the top of the shield, and spray away! 

You could also spray your diapers off with your shower head if it will reach over to your toilet. 


@beachbunsclothdiapers What cloth diaper questions do you have for me? Drop them down below 👇 This is the most common question i get asked when i tell people that we use cloth diapers. If you have an ebf baby, you dont HAVE to wash the poop because its water soluble. Crazy right? With my first we didnt use a diaper sprayer in the beginning, so i used bamboo liners. That made it super easy ! You just dump the solids and throw the liner away. With our 2nd, my husband cut us up a bunch of fleece liners to reuse them. Then we got the diaper sprayer. With AWJ, its super easy to plop the popo if it’s solid. #clothdiapers #modernclothdiapers #clothiscool #makeclothmainstream #clothbooty #shopsmall #smallbiz #smallbiztiktok #militaryowned #dualmilitary #dualmilitarycouple #militarywife #navywifelife⚓ ♬ original sound - Beach Buns Cloth Diapers


Dunk and Swish

This method can be used as your main method, or if you're traveling and want to use your cloth diapers on the go! You "dunk" the dirty end of the diaper into the toilet bowl, and "swish" until the solids are off. 

Ploppable Poops

If your baby's poops are more solid, you can just flip the diaper over the toilet to dump the solids off. Some people choose to use a dedicated spatula for solids that won't come off as easy. 

Parents who use cloth diapers are often asked how they deal with the poop. If the baby is not on solid food yet, there may be no need to do anything. However, there are various options available for removing diaper popo, and it is important to do so for both reusable and disposable diapers.

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