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Beach Groovy 70's Pocket Cloth Diaper | Athletic Wicking Jersey

Beach Groovy 70's Pocket Cloth Diaper | Athletic Wicking Jersey

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The Beach Groovy 70's Print One Size Cloth Diaper AWJ is an excellent choice to keep your baby dry and comfortable. With adjustable snaps and a one size fits all design, you can ensure you get the perfect fit for any occasion. The cute 70's print also adds a unique and stylish element.

  • Extra Soft PUL Outer Layer to prevent leaks 
  • AWJ (Athletic Wicking Jersey) Lined - to wick away moisture from baby's skin, preventing diaper rash.
  • Tummy Panel - great for babes who sleep on their tummies, prevents wicking into clothes or sheets.
  • 3x5 Rise - more settings which are perfect for newborn to toddler, around 7-60 lbs
  • Center snap - our inserts snap into this snap for less movement and also helps to find the middle of the hip snaps
  • Wide back elastics for a gentle fit

** Please Note: Designs and placement will vary from product to product, and may not be the same as pictured. Colors may also look different from your screen to in person **


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